Georges AUDET

In my work, I explore, and experiment with, matter, space and scale, resulting in imaginary and improbable objects, architectures and topographies.  My practice includes sculpture, installation, collage and drawing. Each and every step in my process of creation is closely related to the idea of a personal diary.  I like to construct/deconstruct space and forms as if its elements were blocks from a construction set.  These are all kinds of materials and images, found here and there, and which—after a while—show their inner stories, their qualities, and the associative or dissociative forces animating them all together. Every piece of work that I create results from the addition and interaction of a number of things —i.e. planes, volumes, materials—, and from a series of systematic gestures like embroidering or knitting.  A kind of ritual.  Through this process of manipulations and transformations, original forms and functions are being shifted.  The emerging continuities of forms and narratives express an organic mutation, where time, space and matter are at once concrete, ambiguous and uncertain.  My objective is to give reality new meanings, thereby creating new forms of enchantment.