Erőss István

Eross Istvan

Artist István Erőss works at Eszterházy University, Eger, as professor and head of the Department of Visual Arts. He graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1995 as a printmaker, but he also attended other institutions, such as the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) and the College of Fine Arts in Marseille. He defended his DLA thesis in 2009. He has taken numerous professional trips to remote countries: he has been to Africa five times and to Asia fourty-one times as a guest artist, exhibitor, lecturer or curator of different artists’ camps and symposia. He is exhibitor and organiser of the series of international exchange exhibitions entitled SZEGMENS (SEGMENT), consisting of twice nine events held in Hungary and several Asian countries up to now. He works in different genres ranging from printmaking through installation to performance. In the last ten years he has mainly focused on creating nature art works.
Nature art is an exciting and comprehensive field of visual arts that nowadays provides opportunities for artists, who want to leave the gallery system anyway, for modes of artistic expression which due to the growing ecological problems are highly relevant and socially committed.