Axel Toepfer

I see the artistic work as one of the possibilities of the broadcast a message to the potential viewer. This work is historically non-linear, always incomplete; from all epochs it calls for hands. My enthusiasm for the photographic image lies in stealthy stalking for magical light. What counts is the extraction of the image from its environment as energy to save over for the design, but to make this act itself forgotten. For me, the focus today is beyond a balanced composition and is blurred to a specific extent, overexposed and underexposed. Unsure, about to disappear, repetitive and stuttering. Almost impossible to see, only possible this way. Now, after a patient look at the utensils used in the production of pictures, the possibilities of grinding these tools, the artist’s questions and doubts, turning off the light in the darkroom and then looking at pictures, who are turned towards us; who want to be seen.